As we plow full steam ahead into 2018, we thought we’d look back at the biggest Instagram trends of 2017, take stock and reflect on a year’s worth of grammable content.

At Digique, we’re a varied bunch of freelancers, and when coming up with ideas for this post, we realised we all have our own Instagram niches. So, today we discuss the biggest Insta trends of this year within on own Instagram feeds, reflect on their popularity and ask, are they here to stay?!

Sophie: Food and drink @sophiesscran

As a food blogger, my Instagram feed is full of delicious looking food and drink. Last year, I think ‘brunch’ has really come into its own on Instagram. The rise of avocados as the go-to brunch has seen so many mid-morning brekkies making insta fame. Flat white latte art and the obsession with flatlay style imagery has also added to the craze. As a result, so many more restaurants are now serving fully-fledged brunch menus and are upping their coffee game to suit. So overall, I’m very happy about this trend, indeed! Is it going to go away next year? I don’t think so. But with consumers demanding more plant-based products, I reckon vegan burgers and turmeric lattes might just overtake.

Sarah: Lifestyle @thisissarahfox

My own Instagram is primarily for personal use, so it’s a collection of snippets from everyday life – albeit with an aesthetically-pleasing filter. Whether it’s this week’s flowers on my kitchen table or a beachy landscape (did you even go on holiday if there isn’t that sunset shot?), I like my feed to reflect what I’m up to. So, whilst I’m definitely influenced by what I see on other accounts (see the overload of strategically placed foodie flatlays), it’s more of a mixed bag than a creatively-crafted canvas. Instagram Stories, however, has definitely captured my attention. After exploding onto the scene as a SnapChat wannabe, it’s now one of the most exciting parts of Instagram. I’m 100% guilty of using the ‘text tapping’ function to hook people in, and love looking at how other accounts use Stories to tease a new post. It reminds me of a kind of digital flipbook. Plus it offers an outlet for those great images that don’t quite make the grid. Stories will go from strength to strength, and I think the ‘swipe up’ function will evolve to become a brand’s most lucrative way to sell on Instagram.

Amanda: Home and Interiors @amandarmccourt

Much like Sarah my personal Instagram account is a representation of my life, kinda. I document weekend adventures, coffees, the flowers he bought, the wine we drank. Although, I am not going to lie, only the pics that fit my grid actually make it to the gram.

So, trends. If you scroll through my Instagram, you’ll see, the focus switched to interiors. Reason being, my boyfriend and I bought a house earlier last year, and documenting the build became an obsession. I decided to set up an account for all things house related (as to not spam my pals, I mean, we all have that one friend right?). Although my dedicated homespo page is fairly new (and now, pretty mich dormant), I’ve been an avid follower of interior accounts for a long time. Pinterest used to be my go-to but Instagram has stolen my attention. One thing you don’t get on Pinterest that you do on Instagram is a helpful, inspiring community.

From a professional perspective, I’ve found interior bloggers/grammers to be a fantastic bunch to work with. They are receptive, true to their style and tone and their content is creative and authentic. But most importantly, their community is solid. If you’re trying to grow your own Instagram account, I suggest turning your eye to some interior bloggers to take note of how they do it. It’s so great to have watched accounts grow. And, beyond the follower figures; they’ve won awards, some have even been published. They truly influence the industry, so for me, ‘#myhomedecor and #interior123’ has been my favourite 2017 Instagram trend, without a doubt.

Sam: Travel and food @yoko.meshi

I use my Instagram account alongside my travel blog, and I have certainly seen the rise of perfectly curated images in stunning locations around the world. Due to accounts like @BeautifulDestinations and @Fodorstravel, no longer does a quick iPhone snap seem acceptable. However, the biggest trend I saw last year in travel accounts has to be the infamous ‘follow me’ pose with an iconic destination landmark in the background. And while it does not seem like this trend is going away anytime soon, in 2018 I would like to see a more light-hearted approach to travel photography take the lead – personally I’d like to see a few more @chinventures-style accounts in Instagram world! She’s amazing!

Well, 2017 was a huge year for Instagram (understatement of the century, we know). Trends so big they get eatries to adapt their menu? Blogger communities influencing big brands and their product plans? The Stories feature definitely became everyone’s new favourite toy and it’s been amazing to see just how create some people have got with it.

But the new algorithm attracted a lot of backlash, especially within the blogger community and people are still getting into the swing of it. Instagram now has over 800 million active users, and we want to see if flourish even further in 2018. But, as Amanda and Sam note; authenticity is key. We want to see real content, from real people, not just on the Stories but on the grids and captions, too! Who’s with us?

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