Remember when having a Facebook page was a new, rare thing? Or when very few people had heard of Instagram? Well, it’s 2017, and hardly anyone can escape the social media frenzy. When it comes to businesses, social media presence is key for their relationship with customers.

Companies often underestimate the power of social media, and therefore under-utilise this asset. Brands today need to be out there to reach their audience, get their message across and – more importantly – engage.

When we speak to prospective clients, we’re often surprised by how they’ve viewed social media as intangible and hard to measure. Lots of brands don’t realise the value of creating a social strategy and believe that a few tweets here and there with a paid budget will make them go viral. Sadly, social media doesn’t work that way, but it is an incredibly important tool that can enhance a company’s performance in terms of brand awareness and conversion.

We want to explain the power of engagement with your audience, and give you a few reasons why outsourcing your social media will be a huge benefit to your business:


Whether your company consists of 1 or 100 employees, unless any of them are experienced in social media (uploading holiday albums onto Facebook doesn’t count), then they shouldn’t be posting on behalf of your brand. Why? Firstly, language and content should be consistent across channels, and it needs to align with your overall brand strategy. Secondly, your content needs to support the theme of each social platform. And finally, because there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of social media than meets the eye. Do your employees know how to reliably analyse the results of each platform and make recommendations for the following months? Do they understand how to put together a social campaign and measure your budget? Do they know how to get results? We didn’t think so. Social media is a craft, like anything else. We stick to our strengths and know what we’re good at, so whilst we won’t be offering to re-wire the office or give your accounts team some tips on Excel, we will make sure that your strategy is creatively crafted to meet your KPIs.

Content Creation

Creating content is so much more than raving about your product or brand. Yes, it’s a platform to show off the amazing services you offer, but a general rule of 80/20 should favour other people’s engaging, curated content that will interest your audience. We look at themes around your brand and come up with exciting content, newsworthy links and informative articles to make your brand stand out from the crown and gather a loyal following.

Branding styling & photography

Never before have those nine little squares said so much about your business than right now. Instagram is constantly evolving, and with one look at the grid you can quickly identify which brands are taking their Instagram content seriously, and which are posting on an ad hoc basis. We think that the correct styling and photography is incredibly important, so we offer a fantastic service to correctly align your images to your content. This creates a cohesive, overall brand image that lends itself well to Instagram.

pictured below: @tincturelondon

Community Management

Guess what? Social media management takes a lot of time, and if you are doing it yourself, you’ll probably find out that writing a LinkedIn post or tweeting twice a day is not always your first priority. Social media requires commitment, which is why a dedicated manager is essential. Managing your community is key – you can post as many times as your like, on any given platform, but if you’re not engaging and responding to your community your efforts will be in vain. We spent time each day searching news, trends and articles to benefit your brand, and at the same time be of interest to your audience. As cheesy as it may sound, your vibe attracts your tribe… but you won’t have a tribe unless you can commit to regular, timely engagement that goes beyond the 9-5.

pictured below: @weareponderlily

Influencer Outreach

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll understand the power of the influencer. Yes, you can reach out to people you admire and ask them to promote your services in exchange for cash, but these types of promotions are incredibly transparent. Influencers want to work with brands who align to their brand strategy, so rather than asking them to sell your product, you need to sell your brand to them. Influencers are real people and the majority make a living from posting on Instagram, but they deeply understand social media and want to know the metrics behind your own social platforms. There’s also a lot to be said for establishing genuine connections. We like to form relationships with influencers so that when we do reach out for paid promotions, they’re already aware of the brand we’re working with and the type of content they can create.

pictured below: @honeywellbakes

Outsourcing your social media is as essential as outsourcing your branding. We believe that the two go hand-in-hand – if you wouldn’t trust your intern to come up with your new logo design, you shouldn’t give them free reign on Instagram. From the strategy to the day-to-day community management (and the many steps in-between), social media is an art form, and we do it exceptionally well 💁🏻