How many of us are guilty of posting a photo or a tweet and then leaving the app straight away? Not waiting to around to see the response and even worse not engaging with the people who have taken time out of their day to respond to your post. I think everyone is guilty of doing this once or twice when we are short on time, but when it is done consistently it becomes an issue.

You are simply just using social media as your billboard, you are dehumanising your accounts, taking the social out of social media and eventually people will start to unfollow.

We see this happen a lot with brands or businesses who haven’t looked into effectively using social media; they post a photo a day advertising their newest product or service but cannot work out why their engagement is flat lining.

How many of us get frustrated watching Saturday night TV when the ad breaks seem to pop up every other minute, we turn the channel and come back when the programme resumes. It is exactly the same on social media, people are not using the platform to be bombarded with advertisements, they are using it to connect with like minded people or see what a friend has been up to or take a glimpse into a someone else’s life. We need to stop shouting ‘Look at me, Look at me’ and starting saying ‘Hey lets chat’.

We are not saying social media cannot be used to sell a service or a product or even a lifestyle, not at all, social media wouldn’t be a billion pound industry if it wasn’t and we certainly wouldn’t be seeing the rise in full time social media influencers. But you need to offer something in return for your advertisement.  An engaging caption that shows a story behind the product, a relevant tip or information that may help the reader, or even just asking them something about their day.  You need to relate and inspire the person viewing your post, make them stick around and become engaged, and ultimately turn them from a viewer into a follower. A follower who wants to invest in what you can offer them, becomes a customer.

Algorithms were created to ensure ‘popular’ content is put at the forefront, popular content is decided by the platform in many complex ways, but one of the key factors it looks into is initial engagement. If the algorithm does not feel you are offering something of value, sadly your content will not be a priority.

So think about this next time you post on your account, do you have the time to stick around to see your audience’s response? If the answer is no, wait until you have the time to do so.

It is time to stop shouting at a brick wall and take it back to chatting with your tribe; after all they are the ones that are keeping your business afloat.

By Sam Buss, Social Media Manager at Digique